Façade engineering

The building envelope has acquired a primary role in the formal and technological qualification process of architecture, as it stands as an urban catalyst and a diffuser for architectural quality. The envelope plays a strategic role in the energy performance of a building as well, with a significant impact on the healthiness and comfort of internal spaces. It is, in fact, a complex system of barriers and environmental filters capable not only of regulating the heat, sunrays, air and steam flows but also of converting radiations in thermal and electrical energy, fundamental for the metabolism of the building.

For these reasons, envelope design requires particular care of the environmental context characteristics, of the integration with mechanical systems and of the expected performances (radiant temperatures distribution, air layering, etc.).

Our skills range from the design of entire building envelopes to individual facades or roofs: dynamic envelopes (dynamic ventilated facades, passive solar air circulation systems, double skin transparent facades, modular green wall components); photovoltaic system integrated with the building envelope (glass-glass PV panels, PV shading, photovoltaic tiles).

Our specialists in building facades identify and evaluate right from the first design phases the most viable solutions, developing them throughout the design, supply and construction processes.

We can offer different technological solutions depending on facade orientation, users, building complexity, environmental and cultural context of the site.

In addition to new building designs, we also offer energy diagnoses, retrofit and renovation services on existing buildings, to prolong their life cycle and improve their performance.