Employer value proposition

Investing in people is a fundamental part of our way of working and facing the challenges of the global market.

We believe in multidisciplinary skills and we encourage our collaborators to look beyond the constraints of their own specializations by inviting them to develop a global and creative thinking.

A rigorous program of technical training and updating of our professionals is the basis of our continuous search for technical excellence in dealing with each project.

Become part of a winning team
We are a dynamic company. We put passion into everything we do and we are always ready to face new challenges to achieve excellent results. It is for these reasons that we seek valid, brilliant and winning people, to be included in our company and to grow professionally.

Make the difference
Working in HubET, you can challenge yourself everyday. Our success comes from the work of our people who commit themselves  with passion, determination, curiosity and enthusiasm. We believe that assigning clear and challenging goals, leaving people the freedom to act and make important decisions, is the best way to develop their talent and skills. We believe in everyone’s potential and individual abilities to generate added value and make a difference.

Realize your maximum potential
Only through the growth of their own resources, one can achieve increasingly challenging business objectives. In HubET we guarantee continuous and personalized training, as well as an environment where “on the job” learning is daily, thanks to the contact with brilliant and prepared professionals.

Motivating and dynamic environment
One of our priorities is to carry out initiatives aimed at consolidating a “great place to work”, aware that the prerequisite for the success of a company is to have motivated and serene people full of energy and passion. We highly value the needs and expectations of our human resources and support the diversity of culture, religion, gender, skills and education.