The new challenges of contemporary society now require a different way of designing, construct and operate buildings in which we live, paying ever greater attention to energy, environmental and social issues. From the design tools, to the construction methods, to the characteristics of the envelope and of the systems, to the management and control systems, up to the integration with the network and electric mobility, the building industry is facing today a real “cultural revolution” with profound reflections on the canons that have so far guided “doing Architecture “.

We offer design, management and technical consulting services and expertise for new or existing buildings of any type and size, with particular focus on complex facilities like healthcare and eldercare buildings, in which we have many years in experience both in Italy and abroad. We can offer a wholesome service of integrated design as well as single support services and consulting to owners, investors, architects and contractors on energy efficiency, sustainability, mechanical and electrical systems, structures, interior design and fire safety.

Our architectural projects are always developed by a multidisciplinary team that involves right from the preliminary stages architects, urban planners, engineers, environmental experts and building physics specialists all committed to achieving the highest quality of the final work, delivered on time and on budget

Our approach to design includes a thorough analysis of the users’ needs, of the legislation requirements, of the performance expected and of the environmental context. Our specialists in façades identify and evaluate right from the preliminary design phases the most viable solutions, developing them throughout the design, supply and construction processes. Our experts in interior design, working with the most important companies of the sector, work beside the client right from the first design stages to advise and offer the most appropriate solutions, also exploiting virtual and augmented reality.

Our services on Architecture include:

  • Zero energy, Green and Smart building design and consulting
  • Healthcare buildings design and consulting
  • Building integrated renewable energy design
  • Building energy retrofit and facade engineering
  • Building structures design
  • HVAC, Electrical and IT systems building design
  • Building automation systems design
  • Lighting design
  • Interior design
  • Energy and environmental certification of buildings
  • Construction works supervision
  • Works accounting and cost control
  • Design of the building site
  • Heath and Safety plan, coordination and execution
  • Testing of buildings and civil infrastructure works
  • Building Energy and environmental audits
  • Facility management and Project management
  • Real estate
  • Sustainability consulting