Mechanical engineering

The importance of HVAC systems in buildings has grown exponentially, and their presence affects significantly both construction and operation and maintenance costs.

Design aspects to take into account are numerous and of different nature, and require a set of skills and expertise able to interact and work together toward a common goal. Architectural choices, systems decisions and economic feasibility are in fact closely interwoven: each architectural decision influences greatly construction and operation costs of mechanical systems.

We provide services and expertise on design, construction and management of mechanical systems for buildings of any type and size, with particular focus on complex structures such as healthcare facilities, characterized by high energy consumption and special requirements.

Through computer aided design tools and special software we can simulate the building-HVAC system behaviour, implementing and verifying in real time each different technological solution (materials, glass facades dimension, orientation, shading systems typology).

Our HVAC system solutions take maximum advantage of passive building techniques and renewable energy, and take into account a thorough cost-benefit analysis to evaluate comfort of users, primary energy consumption, environmental impact and economic profitability throughout the entire life cycle (Life cycle costing).

We can create comfortable, controllable and easily maintainable spaces everywhere, for the benefit of building users, operators and owners.