Healthcare buildings

HubET is leader in Italy in design of healthcare and eldercare facilities, both public and private, and through its founders boasts an experience in the field of more than 40 years, with more than 200 renovation and construction projects in Italy and abroad.

Healthcare and eldercare facilities are buildings of great complexity, characterized by the presence of specialized equipment and the demand for high quality standards.

Designing such structures requires a comprehensive approach in order to meet specific targets of environmental sustainability, architectural and functional quality, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

This requires the systematic introduction, during both the programming and design phase, of considerations of functionality, economy, environment and quality that take into account the environmental context of operation, and the construction, management and maintenance methods of the building until its decommission.

In view of the high energy requirements of these buildings, at least three times higher than those of a similarly sized residential one, the strategic target of our designers is also to promote a rational energy use by reducing requirements, installing high efficiency systems and integrating renewable energy resources.

Our skills cover the entire range of healthcare and eldercare facilities: hospitals, medical clinics, private clinics, ambulatory centers, fertility centers, analysis laboratories, research laboratories, BSL-3 and BSL-4 facilities, GMP laboratories, nursing homes, hospices.

Our building design services in the healthcare field include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Building and facilities analysis for regulation compliance assessment
  • Preliminary, definitive and executive design of buildings and related plants and systems
  • Adjustment or conversion projects for existing facilities
  • Energy retrofit of existing buildings
  • Verification and validation of design projects