Sustainability consulting

HubET is committed to a long-term sustainable approach to caring for and safeguarding the environment. We are focused on creating sustainable solutions that can guarantee the best value for our clients by striking the ideal balance between technical, economical, environmental and social issues. Sustainable consulting services can be provided individually or in combination with the planning, design, engineering and management activity.

We already boast decades of experience in Life cycle Assessment, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water management and green building.

Our services include:

  • assistance and counseling to public bodies for the development of action plans for energy efficiency, climate change mitigation, sustainable mobility, smart city and Green public procurement
  • administrative and legal consulting and preparation of legislation in the health, environment, ecosystem and cultural heritage protection and valorization sectors
  • sustainability consulting at any stage of a building or urban planning project or financial investment, from site identification to design, construction, operation, final decommissioning up to environmental certification.
  • energy and environmental audits, due diligences, gap analyses, environmental impact studies, carbon management, life cycle analysis and ecological footprint analyses, EPD
  • design and implementation of energy and environmental management systems ISO50001, ISO14001 and EMAS