We are an independent company of designers, engineers, and consultants who offers a wide range of professional services in the fields of architecture, energy, environment, and technology.

“HubET” indicates our will to create a multidisciplinary knowledge Hub that gathers all skills and sensibilities from the various branches of Engineering and Technology, to contribute with an holistic approach to setting new standards to shape the built environment of tomorrow.

Our operating structure, established in Rome in 2012, includes over 50 professionals and external consultants, seniors and juniors, who have an ongoing relationship with the firm.

We are focused on excellence in technical expertise, on advanced design, on renewable energy and sustainability, in addition to the service and attention we offer to our clients. Our unique mix of skills and multidisciplinary approach allows us to develop strategies tailored to individual needs of each project.

We approach each work with the future in mind, driven to discover ever newer and more effective ways to imagine, rethink and redesign the built environment and to turn best ideas into reality.  

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