Energy certification

The energy certification of buildings is regulated in Europe by 2010/31 / EU Directive on energy performance of buildings and provides for new buildings, for existing ones subject to major renovations and for all cases of transfer or rental of buildings or units real estate, the preparation of an Energy Performance Certificate (APE) by an independent and accredited third party (energy certifier). In Italy, the calculation criteria and methodologies for drafting the APE are defined by the Ministerial Decree of 26 June 2015 which also establishes the methods for carrying out the service.

The APE certifies the energy performance of a building through the use of specific descriptors and provides recommendations for improving energy efficiency. The objective of the APE is to provide information on the energy quality of buildings and tools of clear and immediate understanding: for the evaluation of the economic convenience to carry out interventions of energy requalification of the houses; for purchases and leases of buildings that adequately take into account the energy performance of buildings. The APE, with the assignment of specific performance classes (A4, A3, A2, A1, B, C, D, E, F, G), is therefore a market orientation tool for buildings with better energy performance, for allow citizens to assess the performance of the building of interest and compare it with the technically achievable values, in a cost-benefit balance.

Our professionals are qualified for the energy certification of buildings of all categories throughout Italy.

The building energy certification service provides:

  • carrying out an energy audit or technical verification of the project
  • the calculation of the energy performance of the building or the real estate unit using CTI certified software
  • the classification of the building or real estate unit according to the energy performance indexes
  • the identification of energy redevelopment measures that are economically convenient
  • preparation and release of the energy performance certificate