Interior design

Interior design has become increasingly important in achieving a more sustainable architecture. Internal spaces distribution, material characteristics and colours and furnishing solutions have in fact a great impact on users’ comfort and on the operation and maintenance costs of a building.

Interior design dictates in fact spaces accessibility, usability and safety, light and acoustic comfort, visual, sensorial and tactile comfort, air quality as well as energy requirements for standard use of every space.

HubET has gained a considerable experience in the field of interior design and furnishing, even in spaces with specific requirements such as healthcare and eldercare facilities.

Our approach consists in a 5D method which pairs the formal and spatial quality of solid modelling with the implications in terms of performance and cost. Our experts in interior design, working with the most important companies of the sector, work beside the client right from the first stages of the design to advise and offer the most appropriate solutions, also exploiting virtual imaging and augmented reality.

Before addressing each project, we examine thoroughly the environmental conditions, the architecture and typology of the building, the functions and activities that will take place, the needs and expectations of final users in order to create an internal environment able to improve wellness of whoever comes in contact.

Through its consolidated collaboration with the most important companies in the sector, HubET has gained remarkable expertise in fixed and mobile furnishing, thus offering our clients a complete interior design service.