Energy Retrofit

Buildings are currently responsible of more than 30% of the global world energy consumption and account for one-third of direct and indirect CO2 and particulate matter emissions. This is mainly attributable to low thermo-hygrometrical performance of the building envelope (poor thermal insulation, low thermal inertia, the presence of thermal bridges, ineffective screening systems, etc.), low efficiency of HVAC and lighting systems as well as to a low utilization of renewable energy sources.

The improvement of energy performance of buildings, along with reducing carbon emissions, also yields important benefits to building owners and occupants, such as improved durability, reduced maintenance, greater comfort, lower costs, higher property values, increased habitable space, increased productivity, and improved health and safety.

We provide services and expertise for the design of costs-effective energy retrofit interventions of existing buildings of any type and size. We operate with a comprehensive approach to deeply increase the building energy performance through an optimal balance of both passive and active measures on envelope and systems, in order to achieve the best comfort conditions and architectural quality.